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Stories of HOPE

Katherine Gusztak

Katherine Gusztak grew up in a Christian home but in high school, she became addicted to a myriad of destructive vices. Now two years sober, Katherine has a desire to move to Japan and help women in the sex trafficking industry.

Angela Sanwoolu

As a Christians living in Nigeria, Angela Sanwoolu's family experienced severe religious persecution in her community by Muslims. Rather than dismantling her hope in Jesus Christ, the persecution fortified her trust in God.

Helen Liebrecht

When Helen's 90 year-old father was brutally murdered by 3 teens with criminal records, fear of her own safety lated. Extending forgiveness to the killers was not in her plans, but because of her hope in Jesus, it became a reality.

Dan Gaynor

I can't say I've ever been without hope. I had a father who instilled optimism and hope from my earliest days, until his untimely death in a kayaking accident when I was 11 years old. My dad raised a strong, confidant and hopeful young man. In the years that followed, I would learn much about the limits of my strength and hope apart from God.

My dad's death brought me face to face with the question of whether God exists. I concluded that he did not and my life as a committed atheist was underway. I remained an this way until my 30th year.

At 30 I had my God breakthrough. In a heartbeat, I had an experience that moved me from atheist to believing there was a God who loved me and wanted to help me. I entered my life as a seeker, I was OK with God but not with the church. I spent most of thee years as a New Age adherent. Thankfully, God was a patient teacher (no doubt why John 6:45 resonates so deeply with me.) I had some of my most vivid experiences with God during the 17 years I spent in this stage.

In May of '99, I was appointed president and publisher at the Calgary Herald and moved my family west. Here God would orchestrate three events to lead me the final steps to the cross, one of which was the death of Marissa Staddon.

Marissa and our daughter Paige were good friends who skated together and shared the same birth date - June 13, 1987. Marissa's celebration of life brought me back to a church for the first time in years. I recall being struck by how different this church was. This was a place filled with God's love. Sitting in the sanctuary with Sarah and our two daughters, Paige and Hayley, I asked Paige about her favourite memory of Marissa. She replied, "Birthday cakes at the rink." Immediately the screens filled with a photo of Marissa and Paige with a birthday cake at the rink. I was overwhelmed with a saturating feeling of God’s presence and love. I decided to buy my first bible and return to First Alliance.

That bible brought me face to face with the most important question in every life: Who is Jesus? I knew the answer, he is was who he says he is, God's only son who died to pay for our sin and make us right with our Father in heaven. At 47 years old I gave my life to Jesus and was born anew. In the years since I’ve learned there are real limits to the secular hope and the strength I relied on. God has been my Saviour through many events that were quite beyond my abilities. I've come to believe he wants me, and I believe all of his children, to rejoice in our dependence on our loving Father. Today, I can't imagine how anyone lives without Him.

Kyle Close

One year sober and free of addictions, Kyle is renewing his mind with scripture. He's finding joy in using his passion for speaking to share the hope of Jesus wherever he goes.

Xian Dong

Coming to Canada from China in 2011, Xian expected her life to improve. With her marriage in trouble, two small sons, no friends and no car, Xian felt lonely and hopeless until she found out about God's love for her.

Jason Caldwell

Listen to Jason Caldwell, Director of HOPE150 share his testimony of HOPE at last year’s Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast. Jason has spent his entire IT career helping companies plan and be prepared for foreseeable disasters. Jason explains how his faith in Jesus Christ was the only source of HOPE when his twin sons died on the bobsled track of Canada Olympic Park.

Jeff Way

Listen to Calgary surgeon, Dr. Jeff Way's story of sharing hope at the field hospital in Mosul, Iraq while serving with Samaritan's Purse.

Kimberly Gee

Desiring to bring the hope of Jesus to Cuban women by providing greatly needed gifts of bras and underwear, Kimberly Gee is learning the benefits of vulnerability with her Abba Father.

Elizabeth Anderson

After living a life of mental illness, suicide attempts and hardship, Elizabeth Anderson found the hope of Jesus to be real. Now an author, speaker and advocate for being mentally healthy, she is eager to encourage others.

Heather & Chad Congo

Heather & Chad have been married twice - to each other. While divorced and in new respective relationships, each experienced guilt and shame of abortions. As a remarried couple, the healing hope of Jesus has become their experience.

Shane Bassen

While playing hockey with the U of C Dinos, Shane Bassen realized that while he identified as a Christian, he didn't have a relationship with Jesus Christ. While surrendering to God has not prevented great hardships, it has given Shane the assured hope that God is always with him.

Kamilla Prasad

As a Hindu seeking healing for a rare and fatal illness, desperation drives Kamilla Prasad to read a Bible she received years earlier as a new Canadian. Not only does Kamilla experience a dramatic healing but also a new life in Jesus Christ.

Irene Bryant

Listen to Irene Bryant share her miraculous story of healing from Stage 4 throat cancer in 2000. The bonus; a transformational healing from unforgiveness.

Jessie Moore

Parenting a profoundly disabled son, walking through the valleys of miscarriages, infant loss and divorce, Jessie Moore shares how God not only gave her hope but expanded her capacity to love and parent more foster and adoptive children with special needs.

Christie Polson

As a result of finding the hope of Jesus when she was desperately lost, Christie Polson has learned to listen to God's prompting to share hope with others far beyond her comfort zone. God has led her internationally to share HIS hope with gang members, drug lords and war victims.

Lauren Klukas

Fitness has always been a passion and identity for Lauren Klukas but that abruptly changed with a surprising diagnosis of a rare heart condition: ARVC. Lauren is coming to realize that her hope comes from her identity in Christ alone.

Catherine Busshoff

Catherine's life changed in an instant when her oldest son, Alex, at age 9 was diagnosed with stage four cancer. The journey of watching her son die led her to experience the unfathomable love and hope only God can provide.